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Origin of hide Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 
04:46pm 09/04/2008
  @ Itachy:

You have only Origin of hide Vol. 1? 

That's a funny coincidence, because I only have "Origin of hide Vol. 2". 

Music videos about YST: I've only have one PV, but one of my relatives have the VHS "Origin of hide Vol.3". 

By the way: it's a little bit pity that the ex-members of YST won't play at the concerts for hide... but I can't change it.
1 sucked back time machine : 1985
04:41pm 18/09/2007
mood: searching
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I'm searching for SAVER TIGER pictures! :3
I've just got the few above...
would you share yours?

thanX in advance!!!^^/
time machine : 1985
11:01am 31/07/2006
mood: Tired.
This place is so quiet. I'm Denize -- of various other usernames. Finally settled on one I liked ^_^;; Uh. Anyway.

What is everyone's favourite Saver Tiger song?

At first, I really liked Vampire and Sadistic Emotion. Then I became obsessed with Fractured Mirror. Then it was Princess in the Dark and We Fuck Your Brain. Then it was Emergency Express. XD But now I really, really like Double Cross and Gold Digger.

So.. how about you guys?
1 sucked back time machine : 1985
Origin of hide video 
09:19pm 20/01/2006
  Line up:
Vo: Rolly
G: hide

1. We Fuck your Brain!
2. Fractured Mirror
3. Emergency Express
4. Princess in the Dark
5. Vampire + REM GUITAR SOLO
6. Gold Digger
7. Dead Angle
8. Dirty Lips
9. Double Cross


enjoy ^^

By the way, is there someone who has English translation of book "Pink Cloudy Sky" about hide in Saver Tiger?
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SABER TIGER EP on yahoo japan 
11:39am 29/12/2005
look at this http://page8.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h31658110

i would buy it but that seller won't ship internationally...he's from Japan and i live in Poland (Europe)
time machine : 1985
Japanese Culture Forum! 
10:03pm 02/10/2005

I wanted to place this around, it's definatley empty sorta.. but it needs members.
It needs people to make it a home, and i've got people helping to spiff it up.
I will be making a grafix forum in a few minutes (for graphics battles and other things!) for all you graphics making lovers.

If you want to affiliate/link go ahead :3 just email psyencesxty@aim.com with your banner and linkage and i'll place it in the affiliates/listings forum!

Apologies if this was not meant to be posted, it is japan culture related and it is run by jrock fans (So trust me, jrock will have it's place.)
time machine : 1985
07:40pm 25/06/2005
mood: Wild. xD
Mwaahhh. xD Hello, Saver Tiger fans!! ^^ I'm Denize and I'm a Saver Tiger fan from England. How are you all? Haha.

Oh. And.. I have a video clip of Saver Tiger performing Vampire live in 1985. I don't know if you all already have it but.. I'd love to share it with other fans. ^^ If you're interested, please feel free to ask.

- Denize
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New YST fanlisting. 
06:53pm 16/05/2005
mood: embarrassed
An Unofficial Yokosuka SAVER TIGER fanlisting.

I couldn't make it official, because my html skills suck very much. xD But won't you join anyway?

~Love and Lemons

5 sucked back time machine : 1985
08:07am 15/05/2005
mood: Wondering...

Hi. I was just wondering...

If I want to see what it's like, is it worth buying a copy of this DVD from here -under hide- as I've never seen any of his SAVER TIGER stuff before.

And I wasn't sure if you guys knew about the place, or a better place to get the DVD (I don't want to actual DVD until I've had time to look and see if I want it -.-. Desperately saving money).


3 sucked back time machine : 1985
Check this out 
04:15pm 09/05/2005
  Look what I found....and its only 84 dollars!

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